What's Saving My Life Right Now | 2018 Edition

Joining up with Anne Bogel in a yearly celebration of those good things that are getting you through the winter, I'm back with some things that are keeping me going through the bleak midwinter of Jan/Feb 2018. It's currently 27 degrees again, after a fairly nice week. It snowed again in Nashville last night. It might *still* snow here again by next weekend (whaaat?) But, I've got these things to keep me warm, and my brain occupied. Though, recently I learned about Reverse SAD and now I'm convinced that's why I have job anxiety and restlessness and try to move to Maine every July. In the winter I'm as content as a clam (that's not a thing, I know) - though I do get cold - and I have to pretend that I'm as miserable as the rest of the general population, when really every grey overcast day has me reveling in the close comfort of sunless skies. But that's neither here nor there. On to the list of things that has made January great.
  • Bookout  - App
    • Every January, I try to get a jump on my reading goals for the year, and since I'm attempting 90 books this year, I really needed to power through some books this January. Enter Bookout. This tidy little app provides the motivation I need to power on by ever so slightly gamifying the reading process. You track how many pages you read over time with a timer, and you can set goals for the month (in time) and the year (in books). It keeps track of streaks, and gives you a chart, and infographics based on each book finished, and even awards achievement badges. The lite version is free, but the pro is well worth the five dollar upgrade. 
    • I can't find a link to them now, but I got this pair of Danskin Joggers/Sweats that are super cozy and have deep pockets and cool stitching
  • My children's librarian Cohorts
    • I had an AWESOME inservice training this past week with a master of storytime - Jinx Watson (check out this article and this video, if you're into kids and books) and part of the awesome was due to the time I got to hang out and talk shop with my fellow kids librarians in my region. Sometimes we swap storytime/summer reading ideas, but most of the time we trade book recs, follow each other on goodreads, and kvetch about the small woes of librarianship (they exist... believe me). It's edifying and heartening, and I love those time. AND I get to see them all again in just a few weeks for Summer Reading Conference! 
  • Pilgrimage Planning 
    • I started my vacation/literary pilgrimage planning this past week. I'll probably be working on that till late spring when Its time to lock in flights. Last year's trip to Boston (which I still haven't written about! my bad!) was AMAZING, and I'm looking forward to the rich literary/nerdy travels I've got in store for me this year. It's always good to have sometime you're looking forward to. 
What about you? what's keeping you going in these cold, cold months? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out Modern Mrs. Darcy for Anne's list and many others!


  1. I'm cold all the time so I loved your recommendation for an electric throw blanket!!

    Tanya Patrice

  2. What a great list. Will have to check out the app---my motivation to read wanes by mid-February then I feel like I'm "catching up". I am LOL at the need to be as miserable as the general population when it gets cold. I'd so much rather be cold than hot (and I live in Texas!) that I often don't get it when everyone else is miserable. Have a great day!

  3. The electric throw sounds lovely. And getting to spend time with people who are enthusiastic about the same things you are is always a plus.