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Recovered Flash drive
Intro to Poetry
Fall Semester 2013

Prompt - A Road Trip

Fall Break
It doesn’t feel like going home
Till I’ve left the city bounds.
Till then, it’s just an in-town drive.
Suddenly, buildings cease, Mountains rise,
Sparking the spirit of homeward bound adventure.
Cranking the stereo, broken speakers rattle
As the road trip montage plays out before my eyes,
Like an indie film of my life.
With ritual coffee in hand,
Spirit of adventure turns into peaceful routine,
Cruise set for the long haul.
Music plays on, almost drowned  by thoughts,
As counting miles triggers existential questions:
Why am I here and Where am I going and How will I get there?
I know I’ve nearly arrived
When all roads merge in the city.
Heart swelling with hometown love,
I blow kisses to the skyline,
Gleaming golden in the setting sun.
The road beneath sounds tired, worn.
I slow from highway
To hilly county road
To winding neighborhood street.
Kids keeping watch in the gloaming,
Rush me as I come to rest.
I’m home.

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