Hey, lovely reader! Thanks for taking the time to visit me here in my little corner of the internet.

My name is Sarah. I've been becoming myself for almost 25 years now. By day, I follow my dreams in my job as a children's librarian in a small town library; by night, I try to write.

I like coffee and rain, warm wool sweaters, teapots and other small things of beauty.

Aside from running a classy looking blog, I also am a dyed in the wool citizen of the interwebs, and can be defined in part by my fandoms. I am: #hamiltrash #aGilmoreGirl  #whovian #nerdfighter, and generally a big fan of memes and the ever evolving culture of internet and how it works. (Especially linguistics and internet-speak)

I started this blog halfway through my junior year of college as an outlet for my thoughts and a challenge to keep my creative writing skills sharp. Sometimes I have strokes of genius, but most of the time I'm just scribbling away. I've since graduated (class of 2014!) but I write on.

Writing has in the past, helped me become the best me I can be, and in so doing I hope that I will continue to reflect glory back to the One who made me and gave me these gifts.

Topics covered here vary from dealing with growing pains to vignettes of my beautiful, ordinary life to musing rambles on books and librarianship. If you like what you read, feel free to follow along. I'd love to have you around. 

~ Sarah


  1. I'm just a student who happened upon this place by chance, listlessly jumping from one blog to the next. I wanted to let you know that I stopped from clicking the 'next' button to admire the place for a moment. And I also wanted to just say that I appreciate who you are to have contributed to this despite what little feedback you receive. It's unlikely we'll get to know each other very well, but that's okay. We can remain passing strangers, and all you'll have by me is this note stating that I admire your tenacity and bubbly personality. Please, take care of yourself. And have a good one.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I have enjoyed cultivating my little corner of the internet, and if that corner brings joy to another soul, I just consider it a bonus. again, thank you.

  2. Hi Sarah, I found my way to your blog through your Storytime Underground post on facebook. As a 40-something children's librarian in a different stage of life, I'm both inspired by your passionate posts and also nostalgic for my days of roommates and soul-searching. Well, I'm still always soul-searching - becoming a mom makes you figure your stuff out like nothing else - but your writing also gave me a shot of excitement for the important things: books, friends, flowers, tea, and The Doctor! Looking forward to reading more of your manifestos for good life choices.

    1. Thank you Andrea! I'm glad my blog can serve as a booster :) thanks for reading, and for taking the time to say hi! :)